The attic of the WWII bunker has been rebuilt more than twenty years ago into a space for artists, including exhibition spaces and studios. In addition to its function as artists studios the betonbox space is located on top of the actual bunker building and is overlooking the city. Inside of the bright space are frequently exhibitions taking place. As a non-commercial so called off-space the BETONBOX is supported by the cultural office of the city of Duesseldorf. The Bunker is located directly opposite of the trainstop: Duesseldorf Rath-Mitte S, which is reachable with the train "S6" and Tram "701". Parkingspace is available in the courtyard.

Muensterstr. 500,
40472 Duesseldorf, Germany

Opens after appointment/
Ausstellungsbesichtigung nach Vereinbarung:

0177.6883157 (mobil)